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While in Berlin I discussed my routing plans with several people and several suggested I might like to ride down the Rhine river trail to the intercept with the Eurovelo 6 in Mulhouse France. After a quick search online I bought a ticket to Frankfurt with one connection for me and my bike. I rode to the central train station in Berlin . Berlin Hbf is the largest train station in Europe  It took about a half hour, but I managed to take an hour. This got me to the station a little over an hour before the scheduled departure. Taking the escalator up the first level , of three I almost lost the bike because a front pannier was rubbing on the wall , sheer will got me to the top but i was slow getting the bike clear and the 500 people behind me were getting testy and crammed into me.  I walked around until I found the elevator and all went smooth to the top. Waiting around at the right spot and where the bike car would be located the schedule got delayed 45 minutes. Oh well when you are committed you just wait. At about the time it was supposed to arrive I look at the board for the landing on the other side of the platform and it shows the train has arrived and about to depart. I pushed my way over and managed to get the help of several conductors to off load my panniers and load them and the bike without delay. Once aboard all was calm until one of the conductors asked to see my ticket. First ticket check on a train. Well my 30 euro ticket was only good for the connection. Nothing 80 euros later could not correct. The train ended up being two hours late to Frankfurt, I found a very nice $35 room that held me and my bike and the Rhineland express was ready to rest.

Central Station Berlin

Public art is a right everywhere. The gude stuff is respected in Germany.


Bridge art


Cool graffiti 1

Rhein to Mainz. crowded but very friendly. Hostess insisted German although her English corrections were spot on.

Amp acroos from mainz

Mainz at sunset.



Cruise mainz

Mainz sunset

Gutenberg, Home of?. Same as Mainz.

Old world town thrusts into new world.



Guttenberg mainz

One missed step and synchronized swimming.

Mainz more critical moment

Blackberries. They are everywhere.



In the rain to Worms.


Hine traffic

Alcase Rhein route.


Can anyone guess where a Pearoux came from?These are commercial fishing boats.


Canal view, a LOT more to come..


Bookstore in Speyer , special shout out to Mary Butler.


Bookstore in Speyer



Speyer campground.

Speyer campground

Speyer campground security,

Speyer guard dog

Speyer retail mall

Speyer retail mall

Speyer open area


Speyer 1

Speyer I liked this place.




Speyer scene



Speyer central


Canal over creek.


Canal over creek


10 KM of BASF Chemical plant. The Rhein is very industrial and after a while the trail is inland so plants have total access to the shipping.

BASF is huge


I am envious of the gardens I see along the way. In rural areas they are individual plots , however in more urban to very urban areas  they become communal plots with some even appearing to have living quarters , or at least Sat TV receiver for Futbol.

Garden 1


Garden 6




Gardens 2






Canal Marina. The locks are not big.


Canal boat rentals

Big Carp in Canal Gros Poissoin.


Carp in the canal

Who needs a map

What map


Trail pic




Trail lock approach


Trail sweet


Trail to Strasbourg

These canal boats really speak to me.


Houseboat row Strasbourg.

Houseboats in Strasbourgh







The best meal yet. You can eat the flowers.

Bike bar lunch




Municipal camp in Gambsheim. nice and cheap.

Gambsheim municipal camp

Gambshiem camp

Eguisheim, amazing ancient walled city. Even more amazing it is so tourist driven , you could get breakfast on Sunday.

Eguisheim cool walld village


Eguisheim cool walled village 1





And then reminders of a more recent past. Marginot line.

Maginot Line 1



From further travel on this route, this is not the ultimate, however it looks pretty sweet to me. Just south of Colmar

Nice digs

Stork nest.

Storck nest

Alsace storks, arrive at harvest time for grains in August. Apparently very picky about nests and return to the same nest every year. EXCEPT, if a divorce happens in that house they never come back.


Storck on nest 3

This is center town in Mulhouse. To the right a glamorous hotel, In center a Cathedral, of course and to the left restaurants and merchants. . This was a panorama originally . I wish I knew how to insert it better.


Meting place Mulhouse resize


Mulhouse bridge



















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