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Rhine Rhein Rhin

While in Berlin I discussed my routing plans with several people and several suggested I might like to ride down the Rhine river trail to the intercept with the Eurovelo 6 in Mulhouse France. After a quick search online I


  Approaching Berlin canal life is a big part of this city. The trails are well marked and the area is flat. The canal systems in this part of the world are extensive and predate railroads as major transportation system.

Copenhagen to Berlin

With  regret I leave Copenhagen, I really liked this place a lot. I hope to come back and stay awhile.   I took the train to Malmo Sweden and the rode my bike to Trelleborg Sweden and spent the night.

Copenhagen The start of European tour.

I have heard many times that bicycle touring in Europe is without comparison. So after riding all over upper North America the last three summers, I decided to find out what it is all about. I flew from Ft Lauderdale

Mile High City..

Beautiful place, but the weather is riskier than roulette on a casino boat. Yesterday I rode out of Keenesburg clear skies and a nice tailwind, a little chilly in the mid 50’s. About an hour later my phone is exploding

I still cant see the Rockies

The last couple of days have been long, but the weather has been kind.  Leaving Julesburg at 5:30 AM hoping to escape heat and wind I got caught up in a thunder storm that blew into my face all morning. Long

Northeast Colorado

In a nutshell…     Coloradians are very proud of how high they are. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of these irrigation devices. Yet to see one move. It must be from living in the Keys with no trains.

Into Colorful Colorado

The ride has been along the old high way that shadows the South Platte river. Trains run through here , the Pony express used this route and so did hundreds of thousands of wagon train pioneers on their way to

Into Colorful Colorado

Leaving Olallalga this morning I got it together for the Mountain time zone. Daylight starts at about 5:00 AM.  I did not make that take off but I have a goal.. The temperatures in the low 60’s and the wind

Lost an hour going to Paxton

Today was looking like an easy walk in the park. Got going early, only going 35 miles all down US 30. US 30 is the old hi way that parallels Interstate 80, which means no traffic and terrific 10 foot