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North Platte NE

 Maybe I should title this stuck in the middle of “ Nebraska”. Not really. This part of the world gets dry and sparsely populated  when you go north and west, the ride from Valentine to North Platte is the only one

More Sandhills

After yesterdays ride I felt sure I could make it the 65 miles to North Platte. Long story short the Sand hills got bigger and longer, the temperature got into the 80’s and the wind was in my face. Then

To Valentine

The end of the Cowboy trail for me. This last segment of the trail is without a doubt the best. Most of the ride is away from US 20 with great views of the Sandhills and the great plains prairie.

Day 4 Cowboy Trail

Rain rain go away.  The weather in North central Nebraska is more heated than politics in DC. Starting with breakfast at 6:00 this morning with local experts opinions and of course my own interpretation of two different weather sites I decided

Cowboy Trail day 3

Like many others , I was attracted to tis 200 mile trail for a chance to ride cross country without traffic. It is a shame it does not work. This trail gets no love. Afew locals use small parts of

Day two on The Cowboy Trail, the weather may be winning.

This morning I awoke at my normal 5:00 AM EST. Just happens that is 4:00 in Nebraska. I look up in my tent and notice this flickering light, looking at half a dozen weather aps it appears a storm of

Day One on The Cowboy Trail

  After two days of riding on the shoulder of four lane highways getting on the Cowboy Trail this morning was pure Joy. Listening to birds, critters wind in the trees and corn growing was much needed.  This trail was

To Madison NE 072218

I left Columbus yesterday  morning under clear skies and low humidity. The little bit of tailwind was nice , but it does get hot without some breeze on your face. The ride up US 81 was easy big nice shoulder and light


After arriving at the campsite last night the host told me that he couldn’t charge a bicycle to stay there what a great guy. I was tired last night and didn’t eat much this morning when I got up and

Day one.

Well the first day, oh the first day starts off with a flat had to pull the tube to discover that it was just a stem leak but fortunately that was easy and not only that it was in an