Canal boats trail


Approaching Berlin canal life is a big part of this city. The trails are well marked and the area is flat. The canal systems in this part of the world are extensive and predate railroads as major transportation system.


Staying a short train ride North of Berlin central in Pankow afforded a nice and reasonably priced hotel for a few days of sightseeing. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Hotel in Pankow

The first day I train toured all over Berlin, a new thing for me and very easy. I bought a day pass and no one ever asked to see it.


Central Station Berlin

The next day I joined a bicycle tour and saw the highlights of central Berlin. Virtually everything was destroyed in WWII so Everything is fairly new by Europe standards.

I was really impressed with the City Hall and all the detail . No A/C they just open the windows.

Berlin city Hall

Ccity hall 1

City hall 3

Ity hall 4

Dining and boating on the canals and rivers is a big part of life in Berlin, before Rail roads and trucks this was how the transported goods. The soil is basically sand and the water table is only 6–7 feet down. Berlin before the canal works flooded often . Now not much flooding and the canals are still used commercially.

Berlin canal life


Fun n sun

This Bier Garten sets up these chairs, sells lots of beer and the guests wave to sight seeing cruises. On a sunny afternoon business is brisk.


“THE” TV tower. It is mostly an amusement center and cell tower now.


Brandenberg gate is the entrance to a huge park and probably the most photographed place in Berlin.

Brandenberg Gate



Center of universe

Checkpoint Charley

Checkpoint charley



Cool build

Might have to come back for Fantasy Fest, the suit and top hat work for me. Might have to lose a few pounds to make it look cool.

Costume shop

There must have been a big dragon problem in Europe at one time, these statues are all over.

Dragon slayer

Our bike tour gang . VENI VIDI BICI Free Berlin.

Bike tour gang

These fake facades of buildings are 1:1 scale used to get code approvals.

Fake Facade

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Touchy subject in Germany. No denials , but how do you move on with this horrendous weight on your culture. People in places say it did not exist, but not here. The Germans know it happened. Berlin is one of the most open and accepting places I have known, immigrants from everywhere are accepted. I think this is in part dealing with this past. The scary part is so many Palestinians have immigrated to Germany and brought their hatred of Israel with them. Touchy gets more Touchy.






Poseidon holding court.


These pipes are installed when new construction is building foundations and basements, to pump out water into the canals. Apparently they never take them down when they finish.

Pump pipe

The Wall

The wall 2

The Reichstag. Home of parliament. To get to tour this time of year you need a months old reservation.






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