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Into Colorful Colorado

The ride has been along the old high way that shadows the South Platte river. Trains run through here , the Pony express used this route and so did hundreds of thousands of wagon train pioneers on their way to

North Platte NE

 Maybe I should title this stuck in the middle of “ Nebraska”. Not really. This part of the world gets dry and sparsely populated  when you go north and west, the ride from Valentine to North Platte is the only one

More Sandhills

After yesterdays ride I felt sure I could make it the 65 miles to North Platte. Long story short the Sand hills got bigger and longer, the temperature got into the 80’s and the wind was in my face. Then

Day two on The Cowboy Trail, the weather may be winning.

This morning I awoke at my normal 5:00 AM EST. Just happens that is 4:00 in Nebraska. I look up in my tent and notice this flickering light, looking at half a dozen weather aps it appears a storm of