Copenhagen The start of European tour.

I have heard many times that bicycle touring in Europe is without comparison. So after riding all over upper North America the last three summers, I decided to find out what it is all about. I flew from Ft Lauderdale to Copenhagen direct, I’m thinking less chance of losing things with no transfers.

Fll dpt

I made it to Copenhagen the next day, six hours ahead of Florida… Jet Lag is real… Bike and checked box with camping gear and stuff came thru before I got to baggage claim, however the small bag I checked took an hour to come thru, it had all the tools to put the bike together. Oh well much relief when it showed and an hour later the bike was ready to ride.




The ride to the hotel was supposed to be 10k. I love metric , I am faster and have more endurance.. Any way it ended up being about 15 k and here are some reasons why.








This is referred to as the Black Diamond. It is the National Library of Denmark.



The south East entrance to Trivoli. The 2nd  oldest amusement park in Europe.  I could here lots of screams even at my hotel but upside down loop to loops aren’t in my plans anymore. Standing up fast is exciting enough.



This is the wedding capital of Denmark! I was here Saturday afternoon in late July and witnessed 14 different weddings going on.  As soon as one was done another group moved up. Who knows how much bliss was created that day, One bride had a horse drawn carriage. The place is magnificent , I am not sure if it was a town hall or a palace but the interior was big and open an you could hear everyone in there clearly. In the ring of honor around the hall one dude Biskop hails from 1114.



More palace / town hall




Next to palace.






I could have taken hundreds more shots of statues and monuments etc, I don’t know anything about most but these were special.




Who knew ? She is really green.




And Her new friend….



Random art. Like I said a lot of this here. I think I could live here in mid summer.



The street scene is over the top. What is fun is that it is a lot of streets and canals.



Copenhagen central train station, on my way to Sweden.



Malmo Central Station, I’m in Sweden, Riding to Trelleborg. It’s not going to be a long stay heading to Rostock on the ferry in the morning.



Did I say I loved riding in Sweden? most of the way to Trelleborg was like this.



My kind of July even half way , ok 1/4 around the world.




I know the winter is brutal here , but do ravens and gulls get together????



This will be me in the morning , on my way to Rostock.








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  1. Louise Terzia says:

    So thrilling! Did you see the gorgeous bridge between Denmark and Sweden? Have fun, I know you will!

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