Copenhagen to Berlin

With  regret I leave Copenhagen, I really liked this place a lot. I hope to come back and stay awhile.

Central Station Copenhagen


I took the train to Malmo Sweden and the rode my bike to Trelleborg Sweden and spent the night. Not a lot of time in Sweden but I did see a huge IKEA on the way. Also a cheap country check off.

The ride to Malmo was quick and easy. Only 25 minutes.


On the way to Trelleborg this bird. Seems to be a cross of crow and gull.



Early departure from Trelleborg, flat calm.

This fountain in Central Trelleborg was amazing. For a small port city with lots of ferry traffic it was very nice.



Leave Trelleborg

The ride was a little long but very comfortable. I would hate to spend six hours with that many people in rough seas.Apparently many People from Sweden come to Germany to shop because the prices are so much better. For vodka it was about double in Sweden. Arrived in Rostock, and rode into town . Got lost three times getting out of the ferry compound, it is Huge. Once on the trail it was a piece of cake.  14–15 km and I arrived at my Warm Showers host. He was out of town and left the key in the door. Good thing, only place to sleep in town. Wilhelm will always be special.

Arrive Rostock

Big crane in Rostock

Trail from ferry to Rostock

After Rostock the ride became more normal, ride , camp, eat, see cool stuff .That night I camped in a very low key and fun spot in Butzow on the lake. Very little English but really good bier. OK I love pics of my tent.


Camped at Butzow


From Butzow I traveled to Krakow and stayed at a huge campingplatz The area was beautiful but this site was too big.

After Krakow to Waren and another huge campingplatz. Waren was a cool place except for the triathlon that was using my route . with security. Good showers and I must say one of the things I have noticed in Germany is that the sanitary facilities everywhere are very clean and never stink. Somebody is coming around very regular.


Trail conditions along the way varied and some were superb. The bad ones were when I let Google guide me. In fact Google has been fired for navigation. Bike Map is my hero. Not perfect but has not put me in sand bogs or having to ride up flights of stairs.


Great sign

Super slab

Good slab

Good trail

And the the trifecta from Hell! Asphalt with huge roots ingrown, Cobbelstone , surrounded by sand bogs.  I actually re routed out of this .

Trifecta from hell


Gustow brought my First German Castle. This one in Gustow Made me wonder what life was like when you needed those walls and doors.

Gustow castle


Gustow Gardens


The next cool place was Rhineberg. Really cool camp site,No one spoke English. The old guy who sort of runs the place, It was obvious his wife really did ranted on about Trump  in German while serving me free beer left over from a party the night before.

Pirate camp Rhiensberg


A very large estate , however I was too early. A lot going on and all kinds of official security at 8:00 AM.


Rhinesberg guest quarters

This helmet was on the oblisk next to me when I was Taking the picture of  the Rhineberg Estate.


Cool helmet


Sometimes you don’t quit because you can’t. This trail that Gooogle and I put together was open but questionable and closed when I got to the other end. @KM of sand bogs.

Not blocked at other end

The good part is that it connected to the real trail and it was great, see I fired Google , earlier.

Resting spot at 4 way cross trails


The ride into Berlin was over and  I will post separately about Berlin.Oh except this guy.

Fake Cock




And maybe this guy.

Gotta love locking Kayaks.

Kayak lock

Canal shark

Canal boats trail


Eastern Germany was Difficult . The Area is mainly agriculture and sparsely populated. People are not outgoing and hold back, certainly some exceptions, I think I would have really enjoyed the Trump bashers actual thoughts. Mostly people here have no chance to practice whatever English they may have learned, because of no need, i also believe the Soviet occupation although 25 years gone still leaves mistrust in the area. Berlin Is next! What a difference.











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