Day two on The Cowboy Trail, the weather may be winning.

This morning I awoke at my normal 5:00 AM EST. Just happens that is 4:00 in Nebraska. I look up in my tent and notice this flickering light, looking at half a dozen weather aps it appears a storm of biblical proportions is descending on me. I hate packing wet stuff , I really hate doing it, so I strike my tent get ready to go and leave the Riverside Park in Neligh NE. Using Google to lead me to the first place to serve breakfast I head off to Nannas and Mammas on the way Google suggests a short cut  but when I get to the blind spot it is stairs to the next level. You would think when you push the bicycle button they would not send you to a row of steps. This was not the first time. After making a manual adjustment I managed to get to the Nannas an hour before they opened at 6:00. Watching the storm approach I was feeling pretty good about my move. The rain was coming I was dry. Eventually Nannas opened and breakfast was overdue, about halfway through it started raining and continued for an hour. They were very nice and allowed me to hang out and talk about picking tomatos in my garden in January.


Finally the storm passed, it did not seem as bad as it looked. Off to the trail. The trail gets progressively wetter and softer as I ride. After 6 miles it is a struggle to maintain 6MPH. This 40 mile ride is going to be long. There had been much more rain ahead of me than reached Neligh. At the 6 mile mark a portion of the trail was closed and overgrown for a section. I detoured to the highway a half mile away and moved along  and moved more like 10 MPH. After joining up with the trail again it is running 100 feet from the highway. Lots of noise , same views as the hiway and 6MPH. Two miles later I switched back to the hi way and watched the trail right beside me for 25 miles.


I had lunch in Inman with the proprietor of Sawyers  Sandwiches and Dry Goods. What a great stop. I found the mother load of Lewis and Clark info. One of my favorite histories.. He also has a “ cash crop”  that he and the sheriff have a good time with.



Cash crop


After lunch it was full on head wind for eight miles I was so happy to see this.




And just to insure a relaxing nights sleep ahead of tommorrow’s ride west: Indoor camping.





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