Lost an hour going to Paxton

Today was looking like an easy walk in the park. Got going early, only going 35 miles all down US 30. US 30 is the old hi way that parallels Interstate 80, which means no traffic and terrific 10 foot shoulders. Since I was staying in South North Platte Giggles routed me on South River road for the first 7–8 miles to get to 30.



What Road. Google maps for bicycles is far from perfect, but usually not this bad. This road never existed. Oh well rerouted and blew off the hook up to 30 and road the county roads.



For about fifteen miles it was bliss. Unused back road a few trucks that always gave a wide berth. Then the sand came. Remember Sand hills?



Ten miles was enough. Rerouted again to 30. Then I discovered 30 was closed and my horrible sand ride was completely unavoidable. I picked up 30 at the end of construction and battled a stiff headwind and 90 degree heat fob 12 miles.  Welcome to Paxton.





Oh , that hour? I’m in the Mountain Time Zone now.


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