Mile High City..

Beautiful place, but the weather is riskier than roulette on a casino boat.

Yesterday I rode out of Keenesburg clear skies and a nice tailwind, a little chilly in the mid 50’s. About an hour later my phone is exploding with severe weather warnings, I look back over my shoulder and start peddling harder. Hail, tornadoes, lightning, all that stuff 25 miles behind me. Oh yeah you can see that far and further here. It was a giant thunder head that covered 5 counties. Moving Southwest put me in a safe proximity. But what it really did was subject me to the wind that was being drawn into it. Headwind! This lasted most of the ride.


Of the fifty miles into Denver, Cherry Creek actually, more than half of the mileage was on a continuous paved trail. It was a real pleasure to ride with out cars for so far. The trail system here is incredible. Riding to everywhere I have needed to go on trails has been wonderful.  Coming in on the Front Range Trail system on the South Platte trail and then joining the Cherry Creek trail at Confluence park. A really beautiful space.

















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