North Platte NE

 Maybe I should title this stuck in the middle of “ Nebraska”. Not really. This part of the world gets dry and sparsely populated  when you go north and west, the ride from Valentine to North Platte is the only one with  services at 65 miles.  You know Food, Shelter, and all those other things that move life along. The first day to Thedford was no choice, 65 miles (30 miles closer than anywhere else). I’m  talking in any direction. People in Valentine were warning me of how little there was to the west. I really wanted to ride west to Seattle, but the vast expanse between the Black Hills and Billings Mt did me in. I talked to several MOTO cyclists who found it to be the worst day of their life. In my case it would be more like 10 days.  Oh Yeah Uphill and into the wind.

So it is on to Denver. My bicycle has this annoying problem. The Pinion gear box slips randomly in the lower 6 gears , of 18. Just to make this issue fun it needs a 5%  grade or better to slip maybe. The North American support is in Denver. Several emails have not solved the issue , so I am Denver bound. After a phone call I am confident the problem will be resolved.

The ride thru the Sand hills was tough and now that I will be riding up hill thru the Platte river valley maybe ? I am hoping.



I was looking for something different and there it was.




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