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Into Canada

Today I made it into Canada at Sault Ste Marie. It’s pronounced “Soo”. Beautiful sunny day after riding in rain and low hanging clouds for a couple of days. Definitely cooler than Florida. Lows in the 50’s and rain is

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Great RAGBRAI video

I wish I could make videos like this. However this is a great depiction of RAGBRAI.    

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Riding up the Mississippi

Leaving Muscatine and beginning the new part of this journey,  “Self supported” is the term for on your own, Took me till almost 1:00 PM. Not exactly prime starting time, but things had to be done before I could leave. 

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Riding Across Iowa

Riding across Iowa in the RAGBRAI ride was so many different things . This ride definitely has its own spirit, made up of some 17 to 19 thousand people riding on any given day. The weather was almost perfect lows

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Pre RAGBRAI Ride to Starting Town

  This is the ride to the starting town and the  bike Expo. Huge numbers of people so I am concentrating on slowing down. This ride is mainly down the Wabash Trace, a rail trail conversion , with it’s tree

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Morning Ride To Omaha

A video I made riding across the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge between Council Bluffs and Omaha. A beautiful bridge. The trails and bike lanes make riding your bike here a joy. If I would quit trusting Garmin and use my

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